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Original, limited-edition photos, paintings & drawings for sale by the artist:
Signed, matted and shipped for $7-70.

Welcome to I launched this site with a simple goal: to sell high-quality, interesting, enjoyable art--with a distinctly contemporary sensibility--at prices everyone can afford (90 percent of the works for sale are $50 or less, many for less than $30). Whether you prefer the abstract paintings, the photos that find offbeat beauty in unusual objects or the works that combine words and images in a poetic, playful way, I hope you discover something you’d like to display in your home or give as a gift. –Bryant Rousseau


Original abstract paintings by Bryant Rousseau. Join the Blank Wall Improvement Association.


This series asks the crucial question: Why pay $5 million for a painting when you can pay $50? With props to my peeps, Pollock, Rothko, Mondrian & Kelly.

The ultimate mixed-media combo set: each work includes a photo, painting, drawing and text.
City Circles

New York’s garbage cans are mini-worlds of color, culture and curiosities. The photo above was exhibited at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.
Ice Waters

These abstract paintings are perhaps the only ones in the world created exclusively with the melting water from colored ice cubes. Each is a one-of-a-kind original.
Ice Art

These giant, colorful blocks of ice, caught in the midst of melting, manage to be both beautiful & mysterious.
Rorschach Towels I

These often humorous, occasionally disturbing ink blots—each a one-of-a-kind original—combine the visual pleasures of their odd shapes and swirls with provocative, poetic titles.
Rorschach Towels II

These often humorous, occasionally disturbing ink blots—each a one-of-a-kind original—combine the visual pleasures of their odd shapes and swirls with provocative, poetic titles.
Caged Content

Peering through the wire mesh of NYC’s garbage cans provides one of the best “reads” on the messy, vibrant, complex and incredibly colorful life of the city.

Zen messages from the monks of Mars. Original ink paintings on paper.

Blind Doodles? Beautiful Drawings? Black-ink Dreams? This series is so modern, even its title is uncertain. What is for sure is that B.D.’s are original, one-of-a-kind ink drawings, sold in sets of four.

Tree Lines

The intertwining lines of tree branches in winter inspire brief, Zen-like poems. The Japanese characters are brushed on by hand (and accompanied by an English translation).
Cloud Country

We all often see make-believe countries in the infinite shapes of clouds. This series takes those daydreams to the next step and superimposes imaginary, word-rich maps on each puffy formation.

CD Series

Rousseau’s most innovative series, he creates the front & back of CD covers for imaginary bands, complete with memorable song titles that are witty, sad or strange—each one its own story. Custom CDs available--Click here for more details.

Spill Lifes

Have a dreary room in need of lightening up? This art, made with food coloring and paper towels, is the quicker picker upper.
Artistic License

Painted plates from fantasy states.
Flags & Fiction

This could be the artistic deal of the century. Buyers get two works of art with each purchase: An original, one-of-a-kind painted flag and an original, one-of-a-kind work of fiction telling a story about the country the flag represents. A truly unique offering!
Waste Not, Want Not

Like me, you have probably wondered: Why throw things out, when you can encase them underneath the plastic bubble of a contact-lens container?

Artist Bryant Rousseau has been to over 50 countries and taken thousands of photos. In this series, he combines two photos in subtly strange ways to create images of a slightly alternative universe.
Bryant Dubuffet

These signed, one-of-a-kind sculptures are created from a variety of found objects and sealed within the plastic food containers that are ubiquitous at New York’s delis--a veritable artistic feast.

Can't decide whether you'd rather have a painting, drawing or photograph? With this series, you don't have to choose: These one-of-a-kind originals include all three. Buy now, sell to a museum tomorrow!
Water Pollocks

Instead of paint swirled on a canvas, water scattered on a hot, tar roof.
Gum Shots

New York’s sidewalks &  subway platforms are constantly evolving canvases of abstract art — thanks to a hundred years of ground-in gum.

WTC Photo-Poem

Taken at dusk from the Brooklyn Bridge in August of 2001, this photo of a single tower of the World Trade Center contains a haiku-poem celebrating the wonderful universe that is New York City.

Which way would you go? These paintings are made with gouache on paper. Each is a one-of-a-kind original.
Art in Fortune, Fortune in Art

What does the future hold? Who knows. But we will hazard a guess and write one-of-a-kind, short story-esque predictions of what the days ahead hold in store for you. Click the text to see fortune samples: On or about September 30, 2004, you will develop an insatiable obsession with collecting rotary phones...
(Interactive) Poetry: Haiku

Haiku take only a few seconds to read, but the pleasures embedded in good ones can stay with you forever. Rousseau, called "the master of modern Haiku,*" is selling signed, limited editions of some of his favorites. You can also co-compose an original haiku with him: a truly unique opportunity! Click here for more details.

(Interactive) Poetry: Oxy-Ro's

Think that haiku pack a lot of linguistic play into a limited space? With his Oxy-Ro’s—a form he developed—Rousseau uses just four words to create richly imaginative, decidedly different poems. You can also co-compose an Oxy-Ro with him: Click here for more details.
KBB Stones

No high concept here. These stones, discovered on a secret beach, are simply beautiful, with their million shades of color. They look great in the kitchen, bath or bedroom.

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